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Futures Definition

A Future is a bet on the outcome of special events or tournament format events. You are only required to select the winner of the event or tournament.

Future odds are not set and can be adjusted by sportsbooks periodically, but the odds at the time of your wager are the odds you are locked into.

A futures bet example with major team sports would be NFL futures, where you often can get much higher odds on a team by betting before the season starts. An NFL future bet on a team to win the Super Bowl might be 20/1 in the preseason, but by midseason, those odds might decrease to 10/1 if the team turns out to be a legitimate championship contender.

Propositions Definition

A proposition bet is a very specific bet offered by the house. The individual bets have titles that explain on what event, action or player the wager is placed. Rather than attempt to explain the vast array of proposition bets, we'll give you a few sample proposition bets that show just some of the possibilities.


Football, Basketball and Hockey player props:

  • Head to head player props both players must play in the game to have action.
  • In props involving multiple players from each team all player are action unless otherwise specified on the wager.
  • In Pool events all players are action.

Horse Bets Introduction

The essence of betting on horse racing is betting odds. In horse racing, there are eight, 10, 12 horses in every race, and only one can win. To come out on top in this game, you have to cash winning bets when betting on horse racing at the right odds.

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