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A reverse is a series of IF bets going both forward and in "reverse" order. Each team included in the Reverse will pair with another team to form two IF bets, one with that team first and another with that team as the second team in the IF.

Each bet in the reverse is an individual straight wager for the full amount of the reverse. Note: Each bet is for the same amount.

Single action and Double action rules apply the same way in Reverse as in If Bets.


  • The rules of IF bets apply
  • The amount chosen for the Reverse is the same amount for each IF bet in the Reverse.
  • The maximum risk of the Reverse is calculated by multiplying the highest risk between the straight bet times two.
  • The maximum win is calculated by adding all wins of the straight bets on the IF bets.
  • 2-6 teams may be included in a Reverse. In the case of more than two teams chosen the reverse is all possible combinations of two team if bets and their reverse with all the selections.

Example: Let's say you have locked two picks for Sunday's football. You want to make more money than a straight bet, but you want to minimize your losses.

The reverse bet allows you to do this. By definition a Reverse is a two-way IF bet.