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The Round Robin is an excellent tool to minimize the risk of combining several teams in one parlay while still capitalizing on higher payoffs offered by parlays.

A Round Robin is a multi-team wager that allows you to use the same teams to create a group of parlays.

By definition a Round Robin is all possible combinations of two, three or more team parlays with the chosen teams. When more than 3 teams are selected, options are available for how the parlays are combined (2 team parlays, 3 team parlays, etc).

For example, in choosing a 4 team Round Robin there would be an option of combing the teams in 4-3 team parlays or 6-2 team parlays.


  • All parlay rules apply.
  • 3-6 teams are allowed in a Round Robin

Example: A player requests a $100 four team Round Robin by twos", with teams A, B, C and D. The possible combinations would be as follows:

Teams Bet Result
Teams AB $100 to win $260
Teams AC $100 to win $260
Teams AD $100 to win $260
Teams BC $100 to win $260
Teams BD $100 to win $260
Teams CD $100 to win $260

If all four teams win, the player wins $1240, while risking only $600! If one game loses, there is still a profit, even though three of the parlays would lose. The three winners get back $780, plus the $100 laid for each parlay, for a total of $1080. After subtracting $300 for the 3 losers, the player profits $480!